Change is good. I’ve launched my new blog/folio and will cease to use this one, so please update your bookmarks. You can find my latest and ongoing work at www.jimbobisaac.com

My new print is also on sale.

See you on the other side!


New site is coming..

I’ll be replacing this blog with a new blog/folio in November, as well as putting two new prints up for sale. I’m currently working the new Orange Goblin album cover too – can’t wait for everyone to see this – exciting times.

I’ve now added a contact page, and have NO idea why I didn’t already add it.

More soon!

Hidden Treasure Tattoo

Kim from Finland dug my ‘Hidden Treasure’ design for Clutch so much that he went and had it tattooed. It was done by Bj√∂rn Udenius at This Love Tattoo in Mariehamn, Finland. I’m humbled and think that Bjorn did a great job.

Neurosis Poster

Created for Neurosis ATP shows last December. All posters sold out on tour.

‘Goblin posters still available

There’s a small stack of my Orange Goblin posters left, visit my store to order.

Latest work

I’ve just gathered a few recent projects for this update. Excited about upcoming work too, more soon..

Crobar Birthday Poster

Sigirya ‘Return To Earth’ CD cover and T-shirt

Sigirya Gig Poster Ink Outline – Rotring pens on layout paper

Denizen CD Cover

Funeral For A Friend Tour Poster

Green Man Sketches

Secret Wars: Evidence

So, that was a really fun day. A bit of sleep deprivation the night before didn’t help matters (thanks headache and neighbouring dubstep club!), but I pretty much held my own. Nay too shabby for a first attempt anyways. Shout out to my drawing partner Riff, opponents Sepr and Cheo, beatboxer Reeps One and the Street Fest/Secret Wars crew for having me. Reeps One was KILLER, also check him out on BBC news

Photos by my brother Richard Isaac.