Hello all, Jimbob here. I’m an illustrator and musician based in Bristol, Uk. I figured it’s about time to get a more active portal for my work online, and have gone blog-nkers in my persuit of an easily update-able site. I’m still a n00b, so am currently wrestling with themes, formatting etc.

I’ll shortly be uploading current and recent illustrations, sketchbook excerpts and words from the battlefield that is my brain. I plan to keep a steady flow of new work on here, once I tie up a few more web design projects.

My digital design and illustration folio is still residing at You could call this site the ‘Phase 2’ of my artwork trajectory. While I still use Photoshop in combination with my Wacom, I’d like to consider my re-utilized love of drawing as a truer reconnection with my artistic origins. Godmachine said I got “spellbound by that vector shit” and admittedly I have begun to find it a limiting medium.

So I hope you enjoy what you see. Do pop by again.

More soon!


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