Just thought I’d include the initial pieces which kicked off my venture back in to drawing. I did these in Oct/Nov. ’09, and they’re already looking pretty embryonic in comparison to the Clutch shirt and new stuff in the works.

Taint 'All Bees To The Sea' EP cover

Taint 'All Bees To The Sea' CD insert

Baroness / Taint show poster

'Snowskull' Taint Christmas show poster

This artwork was brought to you with help from the following kind tunes over the past few months:

Alice In Chains ‘Black Gives Way To Blue’
Black Mountain ‘In The Future’
Bolt Thrower ‘War Master’
Breach ‘Kollapse’
Cathedral ‘The Guessing Game’
Dillinger Escape Plan ‘Option Paralysis’
Dead Meadow ‘Dead Meadow’
Dio ‘Holy Diver’
Focus ‘Hocus Pocus’
Fucked Up ‘The Chemistry Of Common Life’
Goblin Cock ‘Come With Us..’
Godflesh ‘Us And Them’
Karp ‘s/t’
Knut ‘Wonder’
Quicksand ‘Slip’
Shora ‘Malval’
Tentacle ‘The Angel Of Death’
The Ganja Kru ‘Super Sharp Shooter EP’
Trap Them ‘Sleepwell Deconstructor’
Zu ‘Carboniferous’


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