Monthly Archives: June 2011

Latest work

I’ve just gathered a few recent projects for this update. Excited about upcoming work too, more soon..

Crobar Birthday Poster

Sigirya ‘Return To Earth’ CD cover and T-shirt

Sigirya Gig Poster Ink Outline – Rotring pens on layout paper

Denizen CD Cover

Funeral For A Friend Tour Poster

Green Man Sketches


Secret Wars: Evidence

So, that was a really fun day. A bit of sleep deprivation the night before didn’t help matters (thanks headache and neighbouring dubstep club!), but I pretty much held my own. Nay too shabby for a first attempt anyways. Shout out to my drawing partner Riff, opponents Sepr and Cheo, beatboxer Reeps One and the Street Fest/Secret Wars crew for having me. Reeps One was KILLER, also check him out on BBC news

Photos by my brother Richard Isaac.