I was born in Swansea, Wales, Uk. Thanks to early exposure to my parent’s vinyl collection, the likes of Led Zepplin, Cream and Uriah Heep instigated my ongoing dedication to the broader heavy music spectrum. Excelling in Art and Design throughout school, I pursued Graphic Design in college and University in Wales.

My passion for visual arts started with felt pens and drawing pads as far back as I can remember. Comics books were a huge influence, with Spiderman, TMNT and various titles from the Dark Horse stable being firm favourites. And let’s not forget Bill Watterson’s timeless heroes Calvin And Hobbes. As a keen metaller in my adolescence (still am!), the artwork of Derek Riggs, Pushead and Roger Dean were also massively important influences to me.

At 17, I formed my band Taint. It was 1994 and we undertook a measured evolution, while tape trading our demo cassettes (pre-internet folks!) with bands and zines around the globe. Taint have since released two full length albums, a mini album, an EP with various splits and compilation appearances. We’ve had the opportunity to tour the Uk and Europe, as far afield as Scandinavia, Greece and Macedonia. Taint have now called it a day, and I’m working on a new project as we speak.

Around the same time as forming Taint, I discovered the master…Alphonse Mucha. His pioneering contribution to the Art Nouveau movement has provided me with ongoing inspiration.



3 responses to “Biography

  • Greg

    Hey, I love your work man. I’m a wannabe poster artist myself and I’ve got a couple questions for you. If you have a second to answer them, that’d be greatly appreciated. I see that you draw your posters freehand in pencil but your final pieces are digitized and colored on the computer. Do you redraw everything in Illustrator? That has to be time-consuming! Do you use the auto trace function? I’ve tried it but can never get it to work correctly. I hope I’m not asking you to give up trade secrets or something. Thanks!

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