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Hidden Treasure Tattoo

Kim from Finland dug my ‘Hidden Treasure’ design for Clutch so much that he went and had it tattooed. It was done by Björn Udenius at This Love Tattoo in Mariehamn, Finland. I’m humbled and think that Bjorn did a great job.


Neurosis Poster

Created for Neurosis ATP shows last December. All posters sold out on tour.

‘Goblin posters still available

There’s a small stack of my Orange Goblin posters left, visit my store to order.

Clutch Posters: delayed

To everyone who is still waiting for their Clutch poster. I’m still hoping that they might arrive in the next week or so. The adverse weather conditions in combination with the Christmas rush has meant severe delays in both the UK and US. According to my local Royal Mail Post Office, there are still delays on Mid-late December deliveries. So, please be patient for another week to two weeks. I really hope everyone gets their poster!

Owl army!

Prelim sketch for Denizen album cover. More soon!

Meet my life model, Tom Jones.


Hello all, Jimbob here. I’m an illustrator and musician based in Bristol, Uk. I figured it’s about time to get a more active portal for my work online, and have gone blog-nkers in my persuit of an easily update-able site. I’m still a n00b, so am currently wrestling with themes, formatting etc.

I’ll shortly be uploading current and recent illustrations, sketchbook excerpts and words from the battlefield that is my brain. I plan to keep a steady flow of new work on here, once I tie up a few more web design projects.

My digital design and illustration folio is still residing at You could call this site the ‘Phase 2’ of my artwork trajectory. While I still use Photoshop in combination with my Wacom, I’d like to consider my re-utilized love of drawing as a truer reconnection with my artistic origins. Godmachine said I got “spellbound by that vector shit” and admittedly I have begun to find it a limiting medium.

So I hope you enjoy what you see. Do pop by again.

More soon!