My other shit

Taint – 1994 to 2010
Drunken Marksman – My digital design/illustration portfolio – My web design portfolio


John Dyer Baizely
Randy Ortiz
Mick Tattle
Thomas Hooper
Christian Ravel
Richey Beckett
Mitran Kaul

Artists who RULE.

Alphonse Mucha
Roger Dean
Florian Bertmer
Aaron Turner
Paul Romano
Seldon Hunt
Nathan Ota
David V. D’andrea
Drew Millard
Aaron Horkey
Frank Kozik
Mackie Osbourne


2 responses to “Links

  • John

    Hey bro I’ve been trying to find the “Thousand Eyed Beast” drawing that I think you did for Clutch on the “Blast Tyrant” CD. I’ve owned the damn CD at least two times and lost the it. Can you at least tell if your the artist and if so how can I buy a poster size of it. It would be cool as fuck if you could or at least tell that I’m way off. Thanks.

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