Secret Wars

I’ve been invited to compete at Secret Wars at Street Fest in London tommorow. It’s going to be nuts, and my first time drawing live. I’ll be on the Secret Wars team with Riff, against Weapon Of Choice gallery, Bristol. I am officially now in training.

Secret Wars
Street Fest


In progress..

Back on the Wacom for two of my current projects. More soon.

In Progress..

Pencil prelim. Ink coming shortly.

Hellfest T-shirt

Just finished my shirt for Hellfest 2011. Inked with my new Rotring Isograph pens on layout paper, as my Wacom pen died. It came back to life before sending it for repair/replacement, so I used it for the colouring. Nice to use both mediums on this, and likely I’ll continue to work this way on my up coming projects.


Kelly Glazier in the U.S is so happy with his Clutch print that he went and honoured it with probably the most baddest-assest frame you could put it in. This looks sick, and I’m honoured.


Prelim. sketch for current project.


A good friend of mine just asked me to design him a Melvins tattoo. I’ve been reluctant to undertake a tattoo design until now, but he wouldn’t take no for an answer. This was a lot of fun, we combined ideas and went for a chest piece. I rendered it in pen and pencil.